Time for our family travel vlog to move on to the next location, Singapore! Krabi was fantastic, but a short, cheap, flight to the hi-tech, clean, master-planned city of Singapore. It was a real shock to the system and the pocketbook.

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After a few more days of beaches, it was time for our family to move on to Singapore. I’d never been but we were sure it would be a welcome break from a bit of the disorganization you come to expect in Southeast Asia. So after our final breakfast at the Kokotel Hotel in Ao Nang, we were off on our 1-hour flight to Singapore.

We flew Air Asia, again, as the prices are just almost unbelievable at less than $40 a person for a 1-hour flight, or the alternative is hours upon hours in a bus for nearly the same price.

Instantly, upon arrival, you can feel the clean, structured, city-state, you’ve come to hear about and expect in Singapore. It was a huge shift from Krabi as everything was so modern and clean…but also expensive. Although it was strange, food and cabs still seemed very affordable compared to everything else.

After quickly getting through customs, we grabbed our cab to our Airbnb, a small apartment with a killer locations, just a short walk from the Gardens of the Bay and Chinatown. Two locations I knew we would frequent many times during our quick stay.

We quickly made it to one of the more popular food centers, Maxwell’s Food Hawkers, and started exploring many of the menu items. Most places only make one dish, possibly two, but the ones that they make are considered some of the best. Of course, that’s assuming you enjoy oyster cakes or mystery meat.

After a late lunch and a bit of downtime, we headed off to the Garden’s by the Bay to the Supertree Grove where they had a spectacular light show! It lasted roughly 10-15 minutes and by the time we walked back to our apartment, it was nearly 10pm. Luckily, the strange building that you could see from our window was actually a night food hawker center, which we took full advantage of before heading to sleep.

We’re off to explore more of Singapore in our next vlog, so check back on Wednesday!

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