This episode of our family travel vlog is packed. We went to the Singapore Zoo, River Safari, and Night Safari. The following day we went and explored Chinatown, including a great food center, the Chinatown Heritage Center, and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. We also explored the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest at the Gardens by the Bay and wrapped everything up at the Marina Bay Sands with the Spectra Light Show. Whew…we’re pooped!

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After a family vote on what to splurge on, Singapore Zoo won, so we packed up everything we thought we’d need for the day and grabbed a cab. 20 minutes later we were queued up and waiting for our tickets. We opted to also do the River Safari and Night Safari as we were determined to make a full day out of it.

The zoo was great, but we should have arrived earlier as we just didn’t have enough time to explore all of it. The River Safari is actually not apart of the zoo and is actually adjacent to it. We were a bit rushed getting through there, but I think we felt that we saw enough. By the time we got to the night safari, eyelids were getting heavy and the fun was beginning to run out. I think we just tried to do a bit too much in one day. When you buy the ticket for all three, I don’t believe you need to do all the parks on the same day, if your schedule allows, spread it out as it was really too much.

The next day we went into Chinatown which was a bit grittier than the rest of Singapore. I’m not saying it was dirty, it wasn’t, it’s just that everything else in Singapore is just so polished. The Chinatown Food Centre had an enormous selection and the more popular stalls had huge queues. Lua and I divided up and went to different stalls and started grabbing dishes. Some were hits, some weren’t. It’s tough to gauge how much food you need especially when ordering Dim Sum but Lua ordered enough for a family of 15…we were handing off our leftovers to our dining neighbors.

After eating we headed off to the Chinatown Heritage Center which was really interesting. As always, the kids loved the interactive items and of course the audio tour. It was a great way for the kids to learn about Chinatown and we give it a big thumbs up.

On our final day, we headed out to the Gardens by the Bay again, this time to see the Flower Dome and the Clouds Forest. Both of them were great but I think we were a little biased to the Cloud Forest. The waterfall in the middle of the Cloud Forest was really neat and the meandering walk down from the top of the dome was really pretty. We all really enjoyed it.

That evening we walked through the Marina Bay Sands, which like many hotel/casinos had a massive mall. We explored a bit, had some sweets, and then wrapped up the night by watching Spectra Light and Water show just outside the doors of the mall. It was packed, but there was plenty of space and angles to see the show. It was really quite impressive.

Now it is time for us to pack our bags again as we head off to Cambodia next!

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