Still exploring the City of Lanterns Hoi An in this family travel video. In the second part of our Hoi An Vietnam family travel vlog, we ripped around on some mopeds, bizarre Vinpearl Land, explored Marble Mountain, checked off Lady Buddha, and we ate….oh, we ate! The food in Hoi An was just amazing and we all chowed down on local Vietnamese foods like it was our last meal!

This is part 2 so be sure an watch part 1 too!

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After doing exploring throughout Hoi An we thought it would be fun to rent some mopeds, motorbikes or motorcycles to the locals, and take the family out exploring around the countryside. The maps seemed to be a bit outdated, but that only added to the fun…right? We went to a beach, explored some small towns, and the kids favorite are was the buffalo out in the rice patties.

One of the strangest experiences in our travels was going to Vin Pearl Land an amusement park we stumbled upon while mopeding around. This was a full blown amusement park….with nobody there, except for us, and 100’s of staff members. The most bizzare part of it all was actually going to the showers after the waterpark. There were literally 500+ shower stalls, all empty. I’m not sure who they built this for, but overall it was a good time, no lines, nothing broke on us, and it was cheap too!

We had a few cultural places we definitely needed to go to including My Son, Marble Mountain, and Lady Buddha. My Son was a really great UNESCO world heritage site that the family really enjoyed exploring, but after being in Siem Reap for almost two weeks, we were a bit temple’d out. Afterwards we traveled to Marble Mountain, which is famous for these limestone caves that had temples built inside of them. They were really spectacular and the kids loved them, the steps up to them, not so much. Lady Buddha was the real surprise for us, as the setting and grounds were just amazing. The family really enjoyed all the bonsai trees, which was easily the largest collection of bonsai trees any of us had ever seen. On top of that, Lady Buddha statue was huge, perched on the edge of a mountain looking out over the water. It was really great.

Last but certainly not least was the food! Banh mi was high on our list and we tried many of the top rated places in Hoi An. After days of exploring we finally settled on one that was our favorite, but they were all great and you really couldn’t go wrong. Street food, as always was good, and somehow we are all still doing ok, although we may have a few extra parasites we’re carrying around now. The fresh seafood market was great too. Many types of fish and crustaceans that we’d never even seen before. A lot of “What is that?” “Is it good?” “I’ll take one” it was a unique dining experience for sure!

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