We sure had a great time in Bangkok but it’s time to say goodbye. Our next stop on our adventure is Ao Nang in Krabi, which is supposed to have the best beaches in Thailand. I’m positive our Family Travel Vlogs will not do justice but we will do our best to share all we did in Krabi with kids.

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It was time to pack up our Airbnb in Bangkok to move on to our family’s next destination in Krabi. Originally, our family was planning on doing mostly overland travel to really allow the kids to experience cheaper travel options so that as they get older they’d be able to realize that travel is possible with budgets both big and small. After scouring the internet for cheap bus and train tickets, I came to the realization that we’re better off flying as the flights are just so cheap. A bus ticket was about $22 per a person and took 12 hours from Bangkok. A plane ticket, on the other hand, was only $28 and it only took 1 hour…I think 11 hours of my life may be worth the extra $30 we had to spend to fly instead of bus in.

After a quick Grab, the equivalent of uber/lyft, we were at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok. Everything went smoothly on our Air Asia flight to Krabi, an unexpected surprise for only $28 a ticket…which included checked bags!

Upon arrival, we had arranged transport from the airport to our hotel, about 30 minutes away. If traveling solo, it would be around 500 Baht roundtrip for a shared shuttle, but for our family, it made economic sense for us to get a private shuttle with Krabi Taxi for 1450 Baht.

Since we pre-booked our shuttle, our driver already had our hotel in his navigation and we were off to the hotel, only to find the doors shut and construction going on upon arrival. After a brief heart skip, we found out that our booked hotel was actually undergoing some minor repairs to the electrical system and that we had been upgraded to a room at the hotel’s sister location closer to the beach. Score!

The room was sparse but the staff was great, and at $40 a night, including breakfast, it was an absolute steal for our family. We were also only steps from the beach and surrounded by dining options.

After a quick meal at one of the many Indian restaurants, not sure why there was such a concentration of Indian restaurants. I headed over to the Tourist Police to get a drone license so I could get some aerial shots of the beautiful beaches and islands were expecting to see. Thailand is pretty strict when it comes to drones and I was not looking for anyone to make an example of me, even though I hear drone laws a rarely enforced.

Unfortunately, the tourist police were of no help and they sent me to the local police station which was staffed by only one person that evening. He told me to return the next day. Upon returning the next day, it seemed as if I was going to be out of luck as everyone working there spoke zero English and even with Google Translate showing Drone Permit in Thai, I seemed to be making little to no headway. Even when they said they understood, it looked like they had never even issued a permit, or knew about the law. After some typing away on their keyboards, the found the form that they needed to print and sign off on so that I would be ok using my drone. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what they gave me, everything was in Thai and I can only assume it’s what I needed.

Finally ready to hit the beach, the whole family headed down to talk to a few long tail boat captains to charter a boat for the next few days. We ended up going with Wan, who was going to meet us the next morning at 10:30 to start our island adventures. But, until then, we hopped on the boat shuttle to Railay Beach, considered one of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches and only 15 minutes away.

We had a great afternoon staying on the main beach. That evening we caught the last boat home, showered, had a great dinner, and went to bed excited for our next day with Wan.

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