Family Travel Luggage

What kind of luggage do we use when we travel?

This is always a fun one, we have had some winners and some losers when it comes to luggage that is successful with us. One brand has stood out among the competition. Here is our list of luggage we are currently using. As you can see, we are a bit biased to Eagle Creek, but they just make great stuff.

FYI we aren’t sponsored in anyway, this is just stuff we buy and use, because we like it.

Eagle Creek Gear Warrior 32

Family Travel - Luggage

We just picked these up in the past year and so far they have been great. Two of these have enough space to handle everything for all 5 of us. They roll easily, have lots of handles, are waterproof, and most importantly for me, the rolling handle is tall enough that I don’t clip my heals while pulling them along. We have been very pleased with these so far.

Family Travel Luggage

Solo Travel - Couple Travel Luggage

I actually don’t use this version, mine is from 2009 and it is still going strong. We have tried a similar version from a competitor but it just didn’t quite match the well laid out design of the eagle creek. My 2009 version of this bag has been around the world numerous times and although it is a bit dirtier and bruised, it is still my go to bag for solo trips. We use two for our couples trips.

No Matter What - XL Duffel - Eagle Creek

Oversized Duffel Luggage

We call this the Burro because it hauls all our purchases back from our travels. It packs down into a small self contained tote that we expand as we go. It doesn’t roll the best, and it can easily be overpacked weight wise, but for the price, size, and purpose, it can’t be beat.

Dakine Concourse Double Ski Bag

Ski Bag

This has been my ski bag for a few years now and it has held up well. It is a little to easy to overload this as ski’s and boots are heavy. I will be looking for something in the near future that will be a little lighter so I can just pack quickly and not have to worry about airline weight limits.