Thinking of going to Bangkok with your family? Make sure and watch this video before going! In this guide, you’ll learn where to stay, eat, what to bring, electricity, internet, apps, and of course what to Do in Bangkok with Kids. Even if you don’t have kids, there is a ton of info in here for anyone who is thinking about making a trip out to Bangkok. If we left anything out or forgot anything or have additional questions, let us know in the comments below and if you found anything helpful, please like the video!

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1:02 Where to Stay in Bangkok with Family
1:51 When is the best time to go to Bangkok
2:29 Thailand Visa Rules
3:39 Is Bangkok Safe? Health & Safety
5:09 What to wear in Bangkok & Laundry
7:20 What type of power outlets in Bangkok?
8:14 Other essential things to pack for Bangkok
10:42 How is the internet in Bangkok?
11:58 What apps do I need in Bangkok?
14:59 How do we get around in Bangkok?
17:13 How do we exchange money in Bangkok?
18:51 Best Pad Thai in Bangkok. Where and what to eat in Bangkok.
20:50 Best dessert in Bangkok – Roti!
21:41 What to do in Bangkok with Kids
21:50 Best night market in Bangkok
22:20 Best place to go if it’s raining in Bangkok
23:54 Best floating market in Bangkok
25:08 Our favorite day market in Bangkok
25:54 Best weekend market in Bangkok
27:07 Our favorite cooking class in Bangkok
28:09 Must-see Temples in Bangkok
30:21 Best day trip from Bangkok – Ayutthaya
31:11 Learn about the silk trade – Jim Thompson House
32:21 Bon Voyage

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