Back At Lake Taupo

Back at Lake Taupo

Back at Lake Taupo.

We did a bunch of thermal areas today around Rotorua, some of them were pretty awesome, others not so much. We got some great pictures, but I fear that they will not do them any sort of justice.IMG_2632-2

At around 2pm we made the call to see if Tongarriro Crossing was going to be open tomorrow and it is. But before we left Rotorrua we made sure to line up our accommodations on the way back through and also line up going to the Maori Village for a tour and dinner.

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Well we made it to Lake Taupo yesterday evening and were to late to book the Tourangi Crossing for today. Instead, we went to a lot of the natural thermal areas etc around Lake Taupo.

We went to the information center in the morning to see what Taupo had to offer. We tried signing up for the crossing tomorrow but it was conditional on what the weather will be and they won’t book anything until 2pm in the afternoon. So we decided to see what else it offered.

We did the Huka Falls, what a tremedous amount of water flowing through that little channel. Pretty impressive how that one river consititues 25% of all New Zealands energy.

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Off to Nelson

We’re not dead!

Sorry for the delay but we have been at a blistering pace the last few days.

Last you heard we were going downhill mountain biking in queenstown and on our way to Manu Pori to catch our doubtful sound cruise the next morning. The downhill mountain biking was great and the scenery was fantastic. I took a bit of a fall and got a few bruises but overall it was a good fall, all things considered, no permanent damage.. 😀 ..

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Shenanigans in Queenstown

Yesterday was an experience. It was pretty intense with class 3+ and 4+ rapids. If you know anything about rapids, those are pretty big. Class 5 is the highest that is still ride-able by the best in the world and class 6…Think Niagra Falls. The white water boarding was fun, for me. Lua didn’t enjoy the sensation of almost being drowned or smashed into rocks in 40 degree water as much as me, not sure why….Probably wont be high on our list of things to do together again

We are about to head over to our downhill mountain biking. We left it as our last activity in queenstown as I thought that it would be the most likely that I could physically injure myself…. 😀 … It is down skippers canyon which is famous in New Zealand not only for it’s mountain biking but they also have many scenic tour via 4wd vehicles due to the beauty up there. We are looking forward to it.

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Off to Queenstown

Two days ago we hiked the fox glacier on a full day hike. Lua and I were both pretty sore from the hike the day before to the seal colony and were pretty slow to get started in the morning. We got to the Alpine Guide building around 9:15 am got fitted with cramp-ons and other assorted gear for the hike. A short bus ride took us to the trail head at Fox Glacier and we had fairly tough hike until we actually got on the ice. It was pretty incredible once we got there and the weather agreed with us. It was a bit overcast but no rain! We got some great photos of the glacier as words can’t really describe it.

Once we got back to the car we head down to Haast which is in the middle of nowhere but has very pretty surroundings. We were originally going to try to get to queenstown but we were passing out by around 7pm and it was another 3 hours to queenstown. We were glad we did because the drive the next morning through Haast pass was amazing, waterfalls and canyons everywhere.

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