Westerners, Welcome To Laos!

Westerners, welcome to Laos!

I just made it back to Bangkok where I have one good nights rest before heading out to Myanmar in the morning.

Staying at the Novetel, a conveniently located four star hotel, I have to chuckle knowing the fact that my dinner at the hotel alone cost more than my taxi fares and accommodation in Laos. In fact one evening at this hotel is costing more than 2x the entire last week of accommodations combined. This sounds expensive, but due to the fact that most nights have been anywhere from $8-10…well you do the math.

It is customary in hotels in Luang Prabang to have the guests remove their footwear before entering the hotel. The bathrooms are a 4’x6′ tiled room which has your regular toilet and sink, but the entire room also doubles as a shower. Now the hotels, being concerned for your sanitary well being, provide you with flip flops, the same pair for everyone, for use in said bathrooms. They also have decided that one size fits all, that size happens to be a women’s size 6. It was a great workout for my calves as I could only stand on my tip toes to fit in the flip flops. This was great fun, when you need to take a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night,  half asleep, balance is already off, standing on your tip toes trying to urinate in the general vicinity of the toilet. The good news is if you miss, you can just turn on the shower and your good to go.

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