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29 Hours of Travel to Bangkok

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Well, we are off on another adventure. The first year was Rome, last year was Prague, now we are off on an attempt to world school our kids for the next 9-10 months. Our first stop is Bangkok, which is a bit of an old stomping ground for me by now, but it’s something completely new for the kids and a great way to ease into our travels as a family. 29 hours from door to door, but we are off.

This is the first vlog of our travels and we’ll do our best to keep them coming.

Shot with :

Fuji X-H1

Sony RX100 VI

iPhone 7 Plus

Edited With:

Final Cut Pro X

Music by Dj Quads

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The Restless Giant

Ryan is a traveler who works just long enough to get to his next trip. He usually has numerous trips in the pipeline and, when possible, brings his family along with him.

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